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MJ's Arsenal Merlin - POP

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Mj's Arsenal Merlin - POP

The MJ Arsenal Merlin recycler Joint and Blunt Bubbler™ and mini-rig is a dual-use functional glass piece that delivers pure magic. Engineered with a recycler design, the Merlin chugs into action and maximizes surface area; by pulling water up into a higher chamber, it filters the smoke through the water multiple times, thus cooling the smoke for smooth, full-bodied hits that won’t cause splash back.

Designed with a female joint to place your rolled dry material, the Merlin also comes with a custom-made quartz banger attachment for all of your liquid and solid concentrate consumption. Lightweight, compact and easy-to-use, the Merlin is perfect for sessions at home or on-the-go!

What’s In The Box

  • 1x Device
  • 1x Quartz Banger
  • 1x Carb Plug
  • 1x Banger Clip

How It Works

How-To-Use W/Banger:

1. Using your dabber, pick up a grain of rice sized amount of your concentrates .

2. Fill the Merlin’s chamber with water through the mouthpiece.

3. Place the quartz banger on the joint—attach the banger clip to keep the banger locked to the piece and insert the carb plug into the carb hole.

4. Heat the quartz banger with a torch until a light orange glow occurs.

5. Place the concentrates onto the quartz banger.

6. Put your mouth on the top of the mouthpiece. Draw with good strength until the chamber fills with smoke. You can take as big of a hit, or as small of a hit, as you want. If it is your first time smoking, try only filling the chamber about halfway with smoke.

7. Inhale the rest of the smoke and then exhale completely.


The Merlin can be cleaned using isopropyl alcohol. Ensure all alcohol is fully rinsed before use.

Additional Info

  • Joint/Blunt Bubbler™ & Mini-Rig
  • Water Filtration For On-The-Go Sessions
  • Recycler System Design Cools Smoke
  • Custom-Made Quartz Banger Included
  • Crafted From Borosilicate Glass

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